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Ultimate Blog Party ’11

I’m joining in the Ultimate Blog Party over at 5 Minutes for Mom.  Here’s a basic summary of what A Slob Comes Clean is all about:

I started my blog on the first day of school, in August ’09, because:

I’m a slob.

I was sick of being a slob, and tired of feeling helpless to change.

I had STUFF, way too much, and needed something to keep me focused on getting rid of it.

I knew how to clean, but was so random about it that I never had a clean house unless I knew the specific hour when the doorbell was supposed to ring.

I desperately wanted to start blogging, but could not justify letting one more thing take my focus away from my home.

Now, it’s a year and a half later, and:

I’m still a slob.  I’ve learned that my brain is not like that of “normal” people, and I’ll always and forever have to make adjustments for my special-ness if I want to keep my home in order.

My house is generally livable now. 

I have a lot less stuff, but a lot more stuff left to purge.

I know what needs to be done to have a clean house.  There are days when I still don’t do those things, but now I get it.

What would you gain by joining me on my journey? 

Honesty.  Complete and total honesty.  One of my main purposes in this blog was to make myself stop making excuses. 

Reality.  Other cleaning blogs have fabulous lists and ideas and charts for you to follow.  I share my reality.  I do have lists and charts and ideas, but my main purpose in sharing them is to show how they really work, for a real-life slob.  Are they realistic?  Do they solve my unique slob-problems?  Are they sustainable? 

Hope.  By being consistent, staying focused, and sharing my deslobification process with others who have the same struggles, I have gained hope.  Change is possible.  It isn’t easy by any means, and it is far from instant . . . but it is definitely possible.

A Community. Believe me, when I started this blog, I was petrified that I would only receive mean and critical comments and that everyone who stumbled upon it would be horrified by the slob-thoughts I was admitting to.  I am continually surprised and heartened to learn that I am far from alone.  This blog is a positive place where it’s okay to be yourself.  I hope you’ll stick around.  

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

My Decluttering Progress for September

September’s over.Wow.

That means it’s time to go back over my decluttering progress for the month and link up over at The Finer Things in Life where Amy is hosting her monthly Decluttering Report.

I love these posts. I love having a reason to look back over how far I’ve come in a month.

Ok . . . I love it on months like this one. Not so much on the months when my decluttering category only has 2 posts in it.

I’ve come a long way in the master bedroom this month. While my motivation wasn’t exactly noble (the bug man was coming and so I had to stop ignoring the piles I’d been ignoring for a very long time), I’ll take it.

I began the month tackling my very scary side of the bed. While one day’s effort only made a dent, seeing some progress finally happening kept me going.

Then I finally attacked the clothing clutter that I’d been ignoring since July and that I’d been tripping over every time I headed to the bathroom. I kept working on the master bedroom even though I was frustrated over how that was keeping me from doing other things I wanted to do.

Braving the dust of my neglected corners got the best of me on several days, and yet I didn’t have a choice but to keep clearing out corners before the bug man’s arrival. I braved the boys’ closet and my husband’s side of the bed, and once that was done, I started to feel like there was actual hope for our bedroom.

And one of the favorite things I’ve done? I put all of our pictures in albums.
Yep. All.
Pictures stuffed randomly in a box along with the big envelopes you brought them home in . . . are clutter. Pictures put in albums, though still randomly . . . are pure joy. And all of those envelopes are in the trash, on their way out of this house!
And then today, just in time to count for September, I decluttered my desk and over-filled a small trash can. It wasn’t exactly the project I wanted to do, but it was what I had to do to be able to do the project I wanted to do.
Confusing enough?
Check out more decluttering reports, or join in with your own over at The Finer Things in Life.

Resisting the Allure of (Unneeded) School Supplies

Tonight, we meet the boys’ teachers. As my 8yo says, “Meet the Teacher Night is just a cruel reminder that school is about to start.”

So, today we’ve been busy labeling and packing school supplies into backpacks. We also made one last trip to the store for the last few items we’d missed.

School supplies are a struggle for me. There is just something about 30 cent bottles of glue and 25 cent boxes of crayons that make you think you need to buy a box for everyone you’ve ever known. (And everyone you might ever meet.)

But, at the risk of being hauled away to the loony-bin, I talked myself out of over-buying this year. I did my best to keep my lips from moving while I stared at, walked away from, returned to, and stared again at bin after bin of irresistible deals.

I think that my resolve has been greatly strengthened by all of my decluttering in the past year. I have unearthed so many places where I had squirreled away extra scissors, crayons, markers, and paper that I hadn’t resisted in years past. I may have had noble intentions to donate them, but the fact was that they had been forgotten and had morphed into clutter.

Another thing that I find hard to resist during Back to School time is the desire to re-buy things that could be used again. For some reason, it seems okay to buy a new backpack, new pencil-box, new scissors, new ruler, etc. . . . even though the ones from last year are in perfectly good shape – and are already labeled!

Like everything else in life, there’s balance. I emphasize to my kids how important good behavior and combed hair is on the first day of school (and every day). First impressions, while not always fair, are a real part of life. When you have the opportunity to control them, you should. When a teacher sees that you took the time to comb your hair in the morning before school, she also sees that you take school seriously. You didn’t just roll out of bed and stumble into school with your hair sticking up on one side and dried-up drool on your face.

Along these lines, it’s important to start school with shoes that don’t have holes in them. Not because we should judge anyone whose shoes do have holes, but because we want to show our teachers that we take school seriously and have spent time preparing for it.

But somehow, this also seems to transfer into feeling like we need to buy a new pencil box when our old one looks just as good as it did last year . . . when it was new. And why can’t you use a ruler for more than one year?

While I do want the first day of school to be exciting for its newness and freshness, I have to teach my kids the thing that I am also struggling to learn. Spending money to buy something that I don’t need, no matter how great of a deal it is, is ultimately a waste of our money, our space, and Mommy’s sanity.

So this year, I did much better than I have in the past few years, taking the time to find and take stock of the things we could use again, and only buying what we really needed. And it turns out that even though I was resisting “unbeatable” sales, I actually spent LESS than I used to.


I’m linking this up to Frugal Friday over at

OK, I’m hoping that this post is more coherent than I’m feeling right now. While shopping for those last few school supplies, I let the kids pool their saved money and buy Wipeout for Wii. Since the Wii is right next to my non-portable computer, I’m a little distracted. Not that I’m complaining, because next week when the house is unnaturally quiet, I know I’ll miss them.


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